Tips On Choosing A Tempered Glass Shower Box To Remember

Modern minimalist bathrooms usually have several distinctive features such as a water closet or toilet seat, shower, sink, and shower box, including golden elite deco. Special shower boxes are mostly only available in bathrooms that are slightly above standard size. Shower box functions as a barrier between the toilet area and the shower area. Because more and more people are aware of the importance of the shower box, the interior of this bathroom is also developing its model.

Shower boxes can be purchased at interior shops or ordered directly to craftsmen according to the specifications you want. Well before you decide to install a shower box in your bathroom, we provide some tips that will help you determine the best choice.

– Determine the model or shape
The first thing you need to do is determine the model and shape. But before that, you should have considered the size of your bathroom so that the shower box will fit into it. The shape of your bathroom also needs to be taken into account. Some of the most popular shower box models are the elbow, quarter circle, and bulkhead models. For the type of door, you can choose the sliding or swing door model.

Try any model that you choose fits the dimensions of your bathroom, it does not make the bathroom crowded and stuffy. Look for the ideal position before deciding on your shower box model.

– Choose strong ingredients
Shower box can be made from various materials. Acrylic material has strong and anti-breaking properties, resistant to expansion, mold, and mildew. But acrylic isn’t as strong as ice glass and tempered glass. Frosted glass is also resistant to mold and mildew, is not easily broken or cracked, the cleaning process is easy, and provides privacy because it can block the view.

The best material is tempered glass. This one material has proven its strength, impact resistance, not easily broken, scratched, cracked, anti-fungal and mildew, and easy maintenance. Shower boxes are generally made of tempered glass because they are durable and have high aesthetic value.

– Select supporting features
You can complete the shower box with several supporting features to pamper you. There is a sauna or steam that functions to create hot steam in the shower box, so you can enjoy the sauna in your private bathroom. If you want to enjoy the warm water, install the two-function faucet feature to flow cold and hot water to the shower box. If your shower box is large enough, you can install a bathtub for soaking.