Stairlifts As Solution

The stairlifts birmingham is a solution for the elderly, disabled, injured, and others who need it. As a tool for going up and downstairs in residential building designs, stair lifts offer space requirements that are more flexible than elevator elevators in general. Criteria in choosing a chair lift or stairlift. The main criteria are tough and aesthetically while others adjust. Why does it have to be tough? So this building less maintenance, as much as possible. It is better to be expensive at the beginning but it can be cheap in the end, rather than cheap at the beginning, bear or frail, but in the future, there will be a lot of maintenance, the fall will be more expensive.

Make sure there are ladder surveys and measurements. The measurements are carried out professionally, using a kind of guide plate that guarantees precision. You must also ensure field coordination. You must be given the latest info from the progress, for example, for the design of the elevator chair, so we know what the shape will look like, is appropriate, or still needs correction, etc. The items are divided into 2 main groups, chairs, and rails. Especially for the rails that have been broken down into parts, and all that remains is to be installed in the field by knockdown. The installation starts from the rails first, after the rails are finished, the seats are installed.

Make sure you understand the size of the space requirements for chairs and rails. The chair when fully opened takes about 70 cm of space from the wall or railing stairs to the front end of the chair. When not in use and in the parking position the chair can be folded, space shrinks to around 30-40 cm. Chairs that are in the parking position will automatically recharge the batteries. There are two parking positions, at the bottom end of the stairs and the top end of the stairs. So he is always ready. Make sure the chair lift is also equipped with a collision safety sensor, one of which is in the footrest position. When it is working and there are only a few obstacles it will immediately stop automatically, so it is safe if small children or animals are blocking the way.