Confused About Choosing A Baseball Bat? We Have A Solution For You!

The bat on the ball will affect the batting average as well as the batter’s chance to run. Then, how to choose the right baseball bat? Each player has different physical conditions such as height and strength. Like clothing and shoes that follow the size of the wearer, the baseball bat is also chosen according to the body posture, height, and strength of the player. This point is important to note especially in teen baseball games because users will continue to experience physical growth and change. Generally, players with large bodies and strengths use long and heavy sticks, whereas players with smaller bodies and smaller strengths use short and lightweight sticks. Although it cannot always be used as a benchmark because of differences between individuals, usually elementary school age players use a stick with a length of 74–75 cm and a junior-high-school player uses a stick with a length of 78–80 cm. Regardless of age, weight, and physical strength, the best bats for youth baseball weighing around 560-590 grams is quite ideal. Use this weight only as a reference only because the weight of the stick required depends on the intended use.

There are two types of clubs, namely those made of wood and metal. Recently there has even been a stick that uses materials with high resistance so that it can dramatically increase the distance of the ball hit. The choice of batons is a personal choice, but baseball bats made of wood will be more easily broken and not economical because they have to buy a stick again. Moreover, baseball activities starting from the level of students mostly use metal sticks so you can continue to use them and get used to it. To note, there are baseball leagues that prohibit the use of clubs that are made of materials with high resilient forces. Also, make sure the stick of your choice is not prohibited from being used on your team.

The sensation when batting is very subjective. When you use a baseball bat, you cannot rule out your feelings or intuition about the match with you. Feels right when used, is easy to swing, or feels uncomfortable in the hand, these things will affect your batting.