Knowing The Types Of Stance In Skateboarding

Playing board with four wheels underneath has its own characteristics. You might have tried playing with longboard cruiser for beginners when you were little, but for now, you are using a different board. Before standing up and exploring all the tricks on a skateboard, the crucial thing is knowing your own stance. In the world of skateboarding, there are four different types of stance namely goofy, regular, fakie, and switch.

Goofy, which is placing the right foot four fingers under the front nose bolt, and the back foot is in the rear tail position. The skateboarders with goofy stance are Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Theotis Beasley.

Regular stance, which is the opposite of Goofy stance. Professional skateboarders with regular stance namely Ryan Scheckler, Aaron Suski, Andrew Reynolds.

Basically, the Fakie Stance is no different from the original stance of skateboarders, it’s just that basically, the skateboard goes in the opposite direction.

The last is the switch stance, a switch usually done by those who have mastered the basic tricks of skateboarding and have long played skate. This stance is indeed rather difficult to do if someone is familiar with regular or goofy stance, it will be difficult to use a switch. Namely, a person with a regular stance must adapt to the goofy stance, of course, the difficulties that will be faced will be the same when someone is first learning to skateboard with the initial stance.

Now, how do you determine which stance is right for you when you play on the skateboard? The first tip is, put a board on the floor and try to jump over it if the right foot first step jumps then you can be sure your stance is goofy. Now do the same thing, if this time you go first with the left foot, then the stance that suits you is the regular stance. Before skating, determining a stance is the first thing skateboarders do.