You Can Do Mental Therapy By Watching Movies

Every month, various new films are released, starting from domestic and foreign films. Watching movies is indeed a means to entertain yourself. Especially if you watch a movie with friends, family, or loved ones. You can watch movies at the movies or stream them on 123movies with all your favourite movie choices, visit

Aside from being entertainment, watching movies can provide therapy for physical health, especially mental health or better known as cinema therapy. From a study, there are several psychological benefits or more precisely the mental health that you can get from watching a movie.

1. Encourage Emotional Release
Watching movies can encourage someone to express their emotions such as laughing and crying, even for those who have difficulty in this regard. Releasing emotions has a cathartic effect that makes a person easier and more comfortable expressing themselves in real life.

2. Sad Films Make Someone Happier
Although it may sound counter-intuitive, research shows that someone who has watched a very sad movie will eventually feel grateful for the life they have. The tragedy and problems contained in the film can be a comparison of real-life problems so that someone will appreciate everything in his personal life.

3. Help Understanding Your Own Life
Knowledge and wisdom have been passed on through the art of storytelling. Stories will offer a variety of different perspectives and help one to understand the world. And movies are stories.

4. Give Rest Time from Problems
When watching a movie, someone will focus on one activity. One will explore different times and places in no time. This allows our brain to take a break from disturbing things such as severe liver problems.

5. Creating a sense of relief
Especially when watching a tense movie like horror or drama, stress hormones (cortisol) will be released from the brain. After that followed by dopamine which produces feelings of pleasure.

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