These Cartoons Are Not Suitable For Children

There are a lot of cartoons today, and children can watch them both on TV and online streaming websites. They are usually funny and entertaining, while some others can even be educational up to a certain extent. However, when there’s light, there’s also some shadows lurk in the corner. Some cartoons are actually not suitable for children. Therefore, you definitely need to monitor your children so they don’t watch cartoons that can be harmful to their minds. However, once they’re old enough, they can watch cartoons for adults like Rick and Morty on letmewatchthis.

If you want to know about those cartoons, here are some of those cartoons that are not suitable for children:

Happy Tree Friends

From the title there is nothing strange with this cartoon, even the characters look funny and adorable.

But try watching the cartoon until the end. Almost all scenes depict violence that is very improper for children to consume. In fact, cartoons made in the United States are banned from airing in some countries.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

This cartoon movie is considered unfit for children to consume because there are many harsh and vulgar words in it.

In addition, this cartoon also shows a drunken human life. On Wikipedia, this cartoon entered the genre of black comedy.

Mr. Pickles

Cartoon film Pickles are very inappropriate for children. In each episode, the scene is filled with adult scenes and violence. In some countries, this cartoon has been criticized and banned from showing.

Family Guy

This cartoon film tells the life of the Griffin family consisting of a father, mother, three children and a dog that can talk.

However, many scenes were judged as inappropriate. In some countries such as Albania, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan, this cartoon was banned because it contained controversial jokes.

Rick and Morty

This cartoon made in the United States tells about the life of a school student who was invited to an adventure by his grandfather.

Even so, many episodes from Rick and Morty contain elements of sarcasm, sexual to drunkenness so that this cartoon is not appropriate for children to watch.