Possession Has A Relation With Psychology

Possession is often associated with the influence of the spiritual realm or mystical events. Usually, this possession also occurs in countries or regions that have a belief in supernatural powers. The victims in Canada also tend to try reiki toronto. The phenomenon of mass possession has even become something that is often reported by television and online news media.

People who experience possession often feel that the possession experienced is caused by supernatural beings possessing themselves. Until now, people still believe in this thinking. In psychology, possession can be discussed theoretically and not directly related to supernatural beings, but because of the conditions experienced by oneself.

Possession in psychology is a disorder of consciousness called Dissociative Identity Disorder or dissociative identity disorder. The symptom shown is a change or loss of personal identity and loss of awareness of the environment. Changes in identity and awareness are accompanied by changes in behavior, memory, and ways of thinking. Individuals who experience dissociative identity disorder may also experience the experience of “becoming a spirit that comes out of his body” as if he could see his body from afar.

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