How To Have A Condo In A Short Time

According to research, some people need 7-9 months before deciding to buy a condo. This is because condominiums are one of the most important decisions in life so it takes a long time to decide. Even though there are many condominium units that are equipped with special facilities for residents such as those owned by Kent Ridge Hill Condo. The most trusted parties in making decisions about the condominium are friends and family. Then, is it possible to have a condominium in a faster time? Of course, you can, just know the effective way. Check out the complete guide on how to have a condo within a week below.

1. Day One: Find a Condo to Buy
It’s no longer the time to look for condos by flipping through pages of newspapers or walking around the location that you’re after. You can find hundreds of new condos from all over Singapore. In the online property portal, you should not trust information from the developer just like that. Claims 5 minutes from the toll booth can lead you astray.

2. Day Two: Have a Discussion
How to have a condo within the next week is after finding a choice of new condos. Discuss with your family, partner or friends. Consider that buying a condo is preparing the future for the family. You have to know the condition of the road, security, to favorite schools that will be a place for children’s education in the future. If you need condos that are child-friendly, Kent Ridge Hill Condos are the best choice.

Also, ask the experience of friends who live near or equal to the location that you are after. From them, you will find out the weaknesses and strengths of living in the area.

3. Day Three: Location Survey
By listening to property reviews like the one at, you can save time and energy. Therefore, this review displays photos of road conditions, virtual videos, up to 360-degree condominium units. You can also conduct a virtual survey on the condominium that you have chosen steadily.

4. Day Four: Booking Fee
After finding the condominium of choice, continue with the payment of the sign. Signs so this is like a booking fee which is proof of booking so that the condominium that you want is not bought by someone else or so you do not get a new higher price.

Generally, each developer has different rules related to this sign. There are frees without a time limit, there are those who require to pay a deposit after some time, but there are also developers who consider the sign to be forfeited if they do not buy.

5. Day Five: Pay a Down Payment
You might do this process on the fourth day, after paying the mark. Some developers even claim that the sign is part of the down payment. The down payment is the first payment you make to the developer. After payment of the down payment, you actually have the right to own the condominium of choice.

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