Antivirus And Software Updates Can Make It Harder For Hackers To Attack Your PC

Antivirus is very important to eradicate viruses, but antivirus can also protect you from hacker attacks. This is because hackers usually use a backdoor trojan virus to make access to the target computer, so the hackers can peek at what was done, what was typed, and all the victim’s data. If we install an antivirus, a backdoor trojan virus that is entered into our computer will be detected and blocked automatically by the antivirus, so hackers will find it difficult to enter our computer. However, if a hacker already damaged your computer, perhaps you want to bring it to Computer Repair Tucson.

I suggest to use antivirus with additional protection (usually there is internet security writing on the back), because it has an additional firewall and link detection that will be safer than regular antivirus, and also always update the antivirus, antivirus update is useful for adding a virus database to the antivirus so that the virus newly created can be recognized directly by the antivirus.

In addition to antivirus, all software must always be updated by the software makers, for example, Windows, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc. Why did the maker update the software? because it was to improve performance and safety.

Over time the software will definitely be discovered by other people or software makers, the hackers usually take advantage of this vulnerability to enter the victim’s computer system. Therefore the software maker updates the software to a newer version to close the gap, so users are safe. So always update the applications that are on your computer, lest there are applications that are outdated versions.

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